Zuru bunch o balloons

Innovative self-sealing water balloons are summers hottest toy. Fill over a hundred self-tying water balloons in sixty seconds. Check out this awesome video of THE coolest water balloon product ever!

Forget the trials of filling and tying countless individual balloons, Bunch O Balloons takes all the hassle of preparing for a water fight and lets . Bunch O Balloons fills balloons in just seconds and they are instantly sealed and ready to go! Bunch O Balloons makes the perfect gift . Fill and Tie 1Water Balloons in Less than Seconds! The global Kick Starter sensation Zuru Bunch O Balloons is the hottest thing this spring! Fill and tie 1water balloons in less than seconds with the Bunch O Balloons self-tying water balloons! What started out as a Kick Starter campaign is now a . TOP TIP for filling your ZURU Bunch O Balloons: Fill at the bottom of a flat container for best (and better popping!)!

Bunch O Balloons is the ultimate way to make water balloons! Fill over one hundred water balloons in just seconds with this ready to go bunch of self-tying water . Be prepared for neighbourhood water balloon battles with the Zuru Bunch ‘O’ Balloons. This handy little contraption fills and ties over 1water balloons in 60 .