Panasonic tv 2015 models

The Japanese TV manufacturer will introduce its first curved TVs in 2015. Three models will be available (CR85 CR73 CR430), including a . FlatpanelsHD brings you Panasonic’s 20TV line-up. The DX80 DX7and DX7models have a scaled-down version of the HCX processor.

Panasonic CX8was hidden in a back aisle! Také Panasonic se přidává k trendu zakřivených obrazovek, hlavní důraz ale. Vyšší model FullHD řady už můžeme vnímat jako televizor s .

Panasonic’s 20TV ranges include flat and curved 4K Ultra HD models, a new Firefox-powered operating system and a raft of new picture . Nine Models Considered Best Smart TV Experience Under World’s Leading Television Network Designation . Our HDR and THX Certified Displays bring movies to . We look at how you can make sense of Panasonic’s TV model number naming. The DX range contains the premium, high-end UHD models. First announced at CES, with few details, Panasonic’s 20Viera line will be the first smart TVs to use Mozilla’s operating system.

HD TV 20Buying Guide: Sony, LG, Samsung And Panasonic. Samsung-built Exynos octa-core processor.