Funny photoshop

Remember James Fridman, the master of Photoshop who takes everything literally? Master Troll Responds to Photoshop Requests in the Most Hilarious Way. Related Items:funny, photo, photography, photoshop.

As a part of Adobe’s “Creative Days” program, Photoshop masters set up camp at a bus station and modified pictures of waiting commuters in . Anything is possible with photoshop. Photo manipulation makes even the ugliest people pretty. It’s like plastic surgery for pictures.

Funny Photoshop requests to James Fridman – 1. Funny Photoshop requests to James Fridman – 2. Funny Photoshop requests to James Fridman – 3. We’ve all seen what happened with Reddit user Danny Nickerson when he posted a request on the said site, asking for someone with Photoshop know-how to . The internet is full of “trolls” who create nonsense comments on various posts on social media or blogs; there even trolls who take time to pen . An innoncent guy asks can someone photoshop the sun between my fingers? Guy asked the Internet to photoshop his girlfriend holding a bigger fish.