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Still going strong: Cate Blanchett steps out with husband Andrew Upton after he was pictured getting close with 27-year-old actress Harriet . PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Cate Blanchett’s husband Andrew Upton seen looking ‘very close’ with Love Child star Harriet Dyer in a Sydney bar. Love Child star Harriet Dyer has broken her silence after photos of her getting ‘very close’ to Cate Blanchett’s husban Andrew Upton were .

It appears actress Cate Blanchett and husband Andrew Upton are as close as ever, as the Hollywood star blowing her beau a kiss and gazing . Catherine Elise Cate Blanchett is an Australian actress and theatre director. From 20to 201 she and her husband Andrew Upton were co-CEOs and artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company. IvanhoeIs Cate Blanchett’s husband cheating on her or is he just a wobbly. ENTERTAINMENT › Celebrity GossipV pamätiPreložiť túto stránku18.

Cate Blanchett’s husband of nearly years, Andrew Upton, was just photographed snuggling up to actress Harriet Dyer, and — not gonna lie . Cate Blanchett steps out wearing her ring amid rumors her husban Andrew Upton, is cheating. Andrew Upton, husband of Cate Blanchett, was spotted getting close to LoveChild star Harriet Dyer in a Sydney bar in intimate-looking photos. Cate Blanchett met Andrew Upton back in the 1990s. She always said that they had an instant connection, and she knew within a few weeks of .